Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The out and aboutest

We are at peak summer over here. We are figuring out stuff to do! Chilliwack is no Saskatoon, and you have to pay for so many more things and DRIVE to so many more things, but there are things, and now we have all these people being like, Come do a thing with us! So there's that.

So we went to the water slides with my sister and her husband and her kids. I would never have taken my kids to the water slides alone. It's so expensive! And how much stuff is there really for littles to do.

SOOOOOO much stuff, apparently. My sister was like, How long do you think we'll be there, and I'm like, I don't see us lasting more than two hours. It was after 1pm and we still had to drag them away by their scruffs.

Last night we went to Abby to meet up with some old, old friends (the friends who landlorded us when we were first married!) who are in town, and some other friends who actually live in Abby! Where I never go! Because I hate driving! And it was GREAT and nourishing and the kids played until it was like 8:30 and we had to drag them home.

And then today! We went to the zoo! With cousins! What larks!

We took the train!

We saw some animals!

The girls rode their bikes!

Geneva you're not riding, good thing I brought this wagon.

Look at this baby I am twin-shirted with! Ughhhhh she makes me so excited to have a baby.


Look at this disgusting zoo-foot.

And then this happened

and the whole drive home I was thinking to myself about how I could get away with not cooking and also I was SO HUNGRY because it was like 4:30, and then Joel texted should he come home for a bit over dinner, should he grab Whoppers, and it was a burger king miracle.

I am normally super opposed to blowing through nap time, or getting home from stuff late, because I like being alone and at home and quiet! I like locking my kids in their rooms and then getting shit done, OR ALTERNATELY just reading a book! But sometimes (oftentimes! Lately!) things are just so good that you can't seem to leave.

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