Saturday, July 01, 2017

Five and a half

Yesterday was Eleanor's half-birthday (shut up, it's a thing) so we went to Go Bananas, as per her request ('I did say we could do whatever you wanted but you have swim lessons next week so I'm pre-emtively sick of the pool, what else do you want to do') and then she put on her fanciest dress and her fanciest jewels and did up her fanciest hair and I have been laughing at this picture for a full day because Eleanor is going to tea and Geneva is going TO DO A MISCHIEF.

Actual tea outfit:

Dainty af.

And then we went to the splash park and met the cousins there and just got pizza slices when we were hungry and STAYED AND STAYED

and around 6:30, Leah and I turn to each other and we're like, Ok, the next time someone comes to us in tears, we just wrap everyone up and go home.

And at 7:45 we were like....We gotta call this a day though, sorry bbs.

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