Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Gingermansion forever

We started the gingermansion last week because I feel like there is SO LITTLE TIME LEFT and we love it. We got as far as making the dough

(molasses is SO INTERESTING)

and then we lost days of our lives to that ferocious 24-hour bug that was going around. Can I recommend you don't.

So I and then Eleanor were sick in succession, the gingerdough went into the freezer, the kids went to my parents' place for the weekend because Joel and I had TWO (2) holiday parties to attend

and then suddenly it was Sunday morning and we were all home and healthy and had the day ahead of us. GOOD THING I HAVE THIS MASSIVE ISLAND IN MY KITCHEN NOW.

My job is to roll and cut out the gingermansion pieces, but also to monitor what's in the oven(s) (good thing I have two ovens now) (this house is amazing) and also roll out Geneva's dough-pile when she gets frustrated, while these two jokers WHIP THROUGH an innumerable amount of gingerbread cookies THEY ARE BOTH SO QUICK AND COMPETENT NOW I had to use all six of my cookie sheets, even the two sub-par ones I mostly keep around for chicken nuggets.

And then everyone went down for a quiet time and usually that would be it for the day

but I was feeling ambitious and also a little behind, and Sunday is a LONG DAY YOU GUYS so when they woke up, we decorated our walls!

Geneva still decorates like a toddler

but Eleanor has discovered PATTERNS and also RESTRAINT and I'm a little bit *weeping emoji* about it.

We save one wall for Joel, and he has to make due with the candies that are left.


Monday I assembled the house while the girls were at school/napping, and the rage this induces in me is just part of the tradition now. I literally do none of the shingling, though.

Nor the snowing.

I was shopping for candy decorations without the kids, which means I had no one to exercise restraint in front of, which is how we ended up with these gummy penguins.

Look this li'l creeper.

We jusssssst had room for a path this year, in addition to the logpile and lollypop forest. I need a BIGGER BASE. I want to turn some ice cream cones upside-down and make them into trees!

We were riddled with setbacks, like any major building project, but we are DONE and we are DELIGHTED.

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Pam said...

You are a wonder. And a hoot.