Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the family...

girl cousins... the doggies (the moderately hairy one in the middle isn't a doggy...that's my brother)

proof that taking really attractive photos of myself is unavoidable...it's in my genes (neither of these people is me).


Michael said...

Wow, you have some significantly attractive girl cousins, I must say. And I'll leave it at that, even though I'd like to say more.

Michael said...

and I perhaps should have read the previous blog, which referenced certain boyfriends before I made such a comment....

signed mike "foot in mouth" laRoy

alan.schram said...

Curse the 404 for denying me larger versions of previously mentioned attractive cousins.

I might as well put here that you have an attractive brother, as well.

Also, you are rather attractive.

As as your dogs.

I wish I got to spoon with them.


At once.