Sunday, May 07, 2006

pluggin on

things are getting done, one at a time. the wedding is over. it was beautiful, i nearly passed out on stage from the heat and i still had the flu and all that STANDING without moving, i refrained from crying through the whole ceremony and well into my 'toast to the groom' speech, and now it's over. both my practicums are succesfully commenced, and neither is a drag. i met my little special needs practicum girl this morning, and OH she's cute. this is her.

anyway, she's a doll and we had a great time. so those are underway. i finally have enough ID to get a passport, so tomorrow morning before practicum i'm heading into the passport office. my plane ticket is purchased, my forms for MBMSI are in.

i had a mini-meltdown last week when all of these things were still pending, and my sage of a mother said 'well, rachie, if God wants you to go to thailand then you have to trust that everything will come together in time.' i promptly turned around and told that to God, but more along the lines of 'God, all these things are Your fault. it's Your fault that i'm friends with robyn and that she met ryan and they're getting married, it's Your fault that i chose ECE and now i have practicums, and it's Your fault that i'm going to thailand, so i need you to make sure that all these things happen.' when i relayed this to my friend dawn, she replied 'yes, and God told you to stop being a whiny brat, didn't He.'

which He probably did.

He's been good to me. things are progressing, and keeping a death grip on my patience will spare me an apoplexy.

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Michael said...

seems like a lot to take on, emotionally speaking. Keep it up, and yes, most things ARE God's fault somehow or another.