Tuesday, May 23, 2006

rachel's may long weekend - celebrations

ok, so i really did have a rockawesome two days.

we (the kids and the dog) didn't leave burnaby until about 1:00 because we didn't really want to go. this is how the pletts are. we know it'll be fun, and we'll be glad we went, but we don't really want to go. ever. i don't want to go to thailand (for the record, jane, excited AND nervous).

anyway, we had too much stuff to cram it into the backseat next to me so that koala could ride in the back, so her and i spooned the entire way. by the time we got there, my two cousins had gotten tired of waiting and decided to take their boyfriends to the gym. the one boyfriend, simon, has been around for about two years, and i have recently decided that he is awesome (recently being this weekend, now that he has loosened up enough to let his funny out). the other...he's new. britta's never dated anyone long enough to bring him home, so this was a shock to us all. no one had met him, and the jury is still out. nice enough guy, but we are none of us quick to decide. his main favorable factor:

mochi. japanese for 'sticky rice ball.' phil's pug.

i'm not going to recount the weekend for you play-by-play. we did all the things my family usually does when we get together. those of us who don't love our wine love our beer, and there was a steady supply of both. we're all good eaters, and three of us are gourmet chefs (the 'us' not indicating that i am one of those). there was never a point when any of us thought, gee, i'm hungry. it was more that you ate yourself to that aching fullness, and as soon as that had eased into a comfortable fullness, you snacked on a few things.

we (5 female cousins, 2 boyfriends, one sticky rice ball) snuck next door into the pool of my grandma's hotel, and got her in a spot of trouble.

we went on a hike and i got a kickass sunburn. so we're hiking up this mountainy thing (hilly, more), and then it plateaus and goes up and down for a bit before going down. we're about halfway across the plateau, and my MOTHER starts jogging down the trail. my sister and i are like...meh...and we start jogging after her, along with my cousin franny. all the way back down the house, mother leading the whole way. fittest 50 year old lady i ever saw.

my aunt gave my sister an $800 pair of boots that she had won. this friggin bloggy won't let me post any more pictures in this post, so i'll do that after.

we sat around and watched SNL reruns. and the best of just for laughs. and some funny clips that my father had stored on his laptop. and this video my aunt made.

we napped on the trampoline in the afternoon sun.

we napped on the trampoline in the afternoon rain.

we threw sticks for one of the four dogs to chase. we mostly threw them in the river, and may the best dog win.

sunday night drew nigh, and my brother and i would have none of driving on monday, so we headed home, doing 140 the whole way, farting freely since we already had 110 lbs of wet dog in the back and no nothing was going to overpower THAT stench, and listening to mix cd's that matt's gf made for him. mix cd's are rockawesome. where else can you hear the dixie chicks, johnny cash doing a nine inch nails cover, and the only good song by three doors down all on one cd?

a full and relaxing weekend. time spent with beloved family, getting to know new significant others (james also brought his new girlfriend, brenda, who i must say i think i like), and eating, OH the eating. i can't express how grateful i am to share blood with these folks. i guess that's what family is.

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