Monday, June 05, 2006

i am up to my old tricks again...

namely the only-wearing-one-contact trick that i practiced for about a month last semester. this time, likewise, it is not my fault. one of my only pair of contacts committed suicide by launching itself into the threads of my contact case while i was twisting the lid on. eep. i have ordered a spare several pairs, but they are in abbotsford at this time, and i can't get them until wednesday, at the earliest. so my depth perception is, at the moment, scarce.

i also broke a flip flop this morning, and had to wear said flip flop for the remainder of the day. the thongie part came out of the base, and was put-back-in-able, but stayed that way for an indeterminate amount of time. walking home from the mall this evening, it came undone no fewer than five times in one block, so i took them off and walked home barefeeted.

so there i was, my one good eye blearily searching the road, attempting to keep my frail, winterized feet from rocks, or glass, or large insects, nearly getting hit by a biker because he came at me from my blind side, feeling like a fool.

i'm going to thailand on friday.

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