Monday, June 12, 2006


i figure it's about time i post some pictures, and this is my last day with sweet sweet wireless internet. nothing SUPER interesting, i'm afraid. i haven't been bringing my camera with me everywhere, but once i get into the swing of things, i'll try and take some awesome shots of people and stuff. so here are the hairy eyeballs (they're delicious, but every fruit in thailand seems to resent being eaten, and to present the greatest challenge to consumption that it is able)

and here is the little friend that hung out with me while i brushed my teeth

and here's me after my first thailand shower

herbal essences commercials have nothing on showering in thailand. ditto swimming. you're all hot and sticky, and then you're glorious and clean. i take cold showers (cold being a relative term. there is no 'hot' dial, but the water coming out is more tepid than cold) before bed.

in other news, we dropped the boys off at school again today, and i met with the head english teacher (since i'm teaching english there twice a week). while we were waiting for her, we were surrounded by tiny thai children, all peeping from around pillars and hanging off of rails and staring, with gap-toothed grins, at these two crazy farang (pronounced farong, means foreigners). whenever we met any of their eyes, they would mostly wai us (bow), but the cheekier ones would wave, and call out 'hello!!!' three girls about ten years old approached us, but two stopped at the edge of the invisible space bubble the other kids had created around us. one, obviously dared by her friends, strode forward, hand held out, to shake both brian's and my hands, and wish us a good morning. then she ran back to her two girlfriends, and the three of them, giggling like mad, rushed off. it's like we're a freak show.

i don't know what my internet situation will be once i move in with the boys (when we picked them up, mac pointed at me and said 'you come us home today,' and they all nodded like little bobble-heads), so this may be my last post for a while. i've been spoiled rotten, living with the fallses, speaking english and trying to un-jet-lag myself. i'll try to keep in touch the best i can.

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Nater said...

Word on the street is, my mom went Thailand, and went snorkeling or some such nonsense, and forgot to employ sunscreen; thereby burning to a crisp. A normal tourist story, until she tried to get some cream to soothe the agony, and they put a heating muscle goo on her and made things worse. Eventually she found people that understood what was happening and they smashed cucumbers and put that on.

Sidenote - I stumble upon this blog by following links on other blogs (thanks JerVis) and one of the first pics I see is some expensive hooker boots or something. And I thought: Rachel Plett, you and your shenanigans. Which reminded me of some posters that said "You are Corey" and "Nate is the Hockey."