Monday, June 26, 2006

some clever blog title.

my english classes laugh at my attempts to speak thai. 'cut it out,' i say. 'i don't laugh when you speak english, cut me some slack.'

there's something freeing about being in a country where no one understands you.

this guy on the beach tried to talk to me, but he spoke no english (this is not an example of how freeing being in this country is. let me preface this by saying that i was wearing a to-the-waist bathing suit top and board shorts, but i felt more nekkid than i have since i got here, and he probably thought i was some sort of american tramp, because later he touched my thigh, and then i got the heck outta there), and usually when people speak no english, i say 'no speak thai,' and they get the hint. if they persist, then i throw long, rambly sentences at them, like 'i'm sorry, i haven't a clue what you're talking about because i do not speak any thai, and since you speak no english, we are at something of an impasse.' if 'no speak thai' doesn't discourage them, 'blabiddy blah something in english' usually does. my most run-on sentences did not deter this guy, and he followed me around the beach until the thigh-touching incident, at which point i fled the scene. in a stately, unconcerned manner.

all the thai-speaking farang were gone this weekend. at a conference. sheri and i were terrified, lest something horrible happen, and we need a thai-english speaker. as laura pointed out, the boys speak thai. as i quickly rebutted, they speak no useful english. nothing of note happened, except that sheri and i had our first official mentorship date (she's my sanity check while i'm here) at this beautiful little barista, which makes the greatest fruit smoothies.

oh, and laura and i got foot massages for, like, five bucks. FOR AN HOUR!!! i figure that i'll budget at least one in a week for myself, preferably after a rough english class, or after i babysit joy. who still hates me (i'm not sure if i've mentioned her. she's one and a half, and hates EVERYONE except for her foster family, who she hates slightly less). i think i saw her smile today. not at me.

all's well in rachelsville.


boo said...

It seems as though Joy is a living breathing peice of irony, no?
Speaking of flashlights, you should sneak up on her in the dark one night and say, "I'm a leprechaun!!"
Can you really dislike people at that age? Maybe when she gets older she'll grow into a lovely little butterfly, kinda like how ugly babies turn into beautiful people.
Much love to my sister of one.

PS - koala hasn't eatten anything of yours this week...yet. But it's only monday.

mum said...

So... one of your siblings told me that you were waiting for a response from either one of your pro-cree-at's. Hmmmm... such a simple request.

My thought:

Could you really have met a little person that you cannot win over??!!! Your powers have not waned in the wet-heat have they?

My other thought:

Thank the Lord you are a photo fiend!

So... let us see this ‘joy’ that you speak of so endearingly. And hows about a few pix of those freshly painted bathrooms, hey? ...just to be sure ...and what’s in your lunch and dinner box besides the coveted KD?

Anonymous said...

Raych, it's awesome to read all that's happening with you. I love your stories!

If someone followed me around at the beach and touched my thigh...well...I'd be all about it!

Given that I'm desperate for any real human contact. Good times...

Anonymous said...

The above post was from John G.

Aka. 'Anonymous, I can't be bothered to signup' guy