Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nine white horses on a red they they they stand still

I grind my teeths. I've always grinded my teeths. I grind them to the beat of the song stuck in my head. I have little under-shelves on the backs of two of my top teeths where the bottom teeths fit into them. I thought that everyone had these until about two years ago, when I asked Joel. He doesn't. His teeths meet perfectly in the middle.

When I'm really stressed out, I grind them constantly, and I clench my jaw in my sleeps. It becomes an addiction, and even when I'm consciously thinking about not doing it, I want to do it. It's like leaving a knuckle half-cracked all the time. I will sometimes put my tongue in between my teeths, just so I don't start grinding them as soon as I stop thinking about not grinding them. I also eat too mucg, same reason. Popcorn has become both my mouth guard and my crack cocaine.

My teeths feel like chalk.

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