Thursday, October 04, 2007

What you call a 'train wreck'

Ok, so we have this group presentation due last night, yes? the Victorian era...very boring. I have class until 5:20, so we meet at 5:21 sharp to pull things together, slap up a power point, eat some dinner, etc. and Tyler has to print off his notes but he has no money on his card. So he emails it to himself, and we dash across campus because we're under time constraints, and when we get to the library the email hasn't come through. So we dash back to the cafeteria and save it to a flash drive, and dash back to the library and print it off and dash back to the cafeteria just in time to miss the 5-minute barrage of hail. HAIL, people.

The other group presents first, and they are boring, and long, but they've brought cookies. We have no cookies. All we have is power point, and the unbreakable conviction that what we are saying is neither interesting nor worth prolonging. The class goes to break, and we rig up the laptop to the projector, except that none of us knows how, and we have to log on to the main computer, and our professor doesn't know the password (?) and so we dash (again with the dashing) to the library to ask the I-T guy, but he's gone home for the night, so we find the librarian, but she's engaged, and we hang around trying to look like we just have a quick question, but she remains engaged for ten minutes, and by the time we pry her away, we have sweaty palms. She won't tell us the password, because why would she? So she comes with us back to class and by the time we get there, Nikki (bless her ballsy heart) has launched into the presentation without any technological back-up. She rattles on and on, trying to stall for time while we fidget and tinker with the cords. Eventually, we transfer the presentation from the laptop to the desktop and hey presto! We have an image of Queen Victoria and the slogan 'Shit was happening' scrolling across the bottom. Nikki wraps her business up, and Tyler steps up to the plate, but he's forgotten his notes in his backpack. By the time I'm taking the stage, we've worked out most of the kinks, but I need Tyler to press the 'Enter' key while I talk. He can't distinguish between my 'next-slide' motion and the spastic hand gestures that take over when I'm speaking in front of people, so I start throwing karate kicks and judo chops his way when I want him to move along one. Janelle presents with almost no catastrophes, and Tyler insists on scrolling through the slides for Nikki's presentation, because there's this awesome slide where an ear of corn comes flying in and screeches to a halt.

A+ material, for sures.

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