Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little lexical switcheroo

It has come to my attention that the phrases 'douche-bag' and 'ass hat,' while inherently amusing, have become so overused that they have ceased to mean anything at all.

I move that, in order to preserve some very fine phraseology while introducing a bit of novelty, that we switch to 'douche-hat' and 'assbag.' 'Douche-hat' is a little awkward when spoken aloud, but 'assbag' makes up for it both in roll-off-the-tonguery and in visual image hilarity.

Anyone second the motion?


small byrd said...

I second the motion mostly because 'douche-hat' sounds like 'doo-shat' when you say it and I think shat is an awesome word.

Terri said...

Assbag does have a nice ring to it. Sort of like gasbag, but more descriptive.

btw my word verification just came up with 'puscroer' - I think you ought to be able to do something with that one.

Meaghan said...

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Rebekah said...

A bag of asses? The licorice marker?

my word verification is "crant"

CurtisPyke said...

D-Bag. That is the better term. D-bag is an intriguing cross between a west-coast rapper (deez-nuts) and a refreshing, detoxifying drink fond to the English and the Irish poor.

Will Entrekin said...

I've always preferred douche rocket, douche bucket, or douche hammer, myself.