Sunday, November 09, 2008

Finally! On several levels.

Hi! It's me! I know, it hardly counts as NoBloPoMo if all I'm doing is scrawling a quick 'nothing to say.' But today I bring things to say!!! With pictures!!

Ok, so. Who has ghey bangs? It's me! I have ghey bangs! Also boo does. See? See how awful our bangs are, and how sloppy and blah our hair colors are? I know. How do we even go out in public?

Here we are trying to take a serious picture, and looking terribly tired. Do you see? Seriousness = bag-face.

Ok, so! New hair colors!! And I know, we bought the same color. But different brands! We're trying.

Also, somebunny needs a shower!

Ok, so! New bangs! New hair-ends! Healthiness and bounce!!!!

Huzzah for sister-days!


ramblin'andie said...

First of all, can you please come over and cut my bangs? They are also very ghey and I'm too scared to cut them myself. Last time I did that was grade 7 and it made for really, really bad Grade 8 pictures.

Also, the box of hair dye Rebekah is holding is my tried and true very favorite colour of all time.

You girls look GORGE-us. As usual!

Anonymous said...

Lois says:

What is up with only ONE picture of the new do(s)? You both have broken 'picture taking of ourselves' fingers?

Irresponsiblity, I need at least more.

My word verification is 'pringle'. Somebody should tell WV about trademarks.

Shari said...

Great new do Rachel! Looking forward to seeing you and Joel at Christmas!

small byrd said...

hr hair colour looks soooo good!

LisaMM said...

super duper cute, ladies!! I'm having a bad hair day today.. much too much poof in my bangs. Must get more product to tame the puffiness..

Darren said...

In the photo of our dye-boxes mine is clearly darker than yours but in real life this is not so.

Also, my word verification starts with "lazir"...and yes I DO feel a bit lazy today, thanks blogger.

With love and squalor,

Rebekah (not Darren)

Rebekah said...

Hahaha I just came on here to write something funny and then I saw at the end that DARREN had sent you a message and I was thinking "Why is Darren reading Rachel's blog? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE" and then realized it was me.

5 dollar temper.