Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's the days after Halloween that make me fatter

Fun-sized chocolate bars are the snooze-button of the candy world. Are you going to sleep for another hour? Hells no! But I will sleep for these tiny, bite-sized, individually-wrapped seven minutes. And then these. And then these.

I kind of appreciate all the individual environmentally-havocal wrapping, though, because that way there's no lying to yourself. When you wake up in the morning and there're 19 tiny OHenry wrappers next to your pillow, you know what you did.


Bookfool said...

So true. Fortunately for us, this was a big year for trick-or-treaters because the weather was *nice* for once -- cool, no muggy yuckiness and batting away mosquitoes. No candy left, either.

Jane said...

"snooze button of the candy world" = brilliant.

And I had a number of O Henry wrappers on my side table this morning too.

BTW, I like it that you're going to post everyday. Why oh why can't every month be NaBloPoMo?