Sunday, May 10, 2009

The day of the mother!

Ok, because I start classes this week, I couldn't get out to the mainland to day to fete my mother like she deserves, and my parents are socially useless on Sundays anyways, so last Thursday, having lied to my mother about when classes actually start so that she wouldn't suspect nothing, I got up early and caught a myriad of buses and the ferry and was picked up by my dad and sister who had also lied to my mother about where they were going. Une surprise!!

But because mothers are busy people, most of the Great Mother's Day adventure involved me hanging out with boo, and watching Project Runway with mom when she had a minute.

Also, making my famous brownies-that-have-cookie-dough-in-them for her and then helping her eat them. In the process, boo and I discovered why we both have crop-circles-of-grease on so many of our shirts (this picture is poor proof, but they're there), and it has to do with using the torso as a third hand when putting the cap back on the Pam.

But the brownies. They were only supposed to be a small batch but then we figured we'd better use the bigger pan, since we were tossing all these cookies (HA! See what I did there?) into the batter, but then we ended up not having enough brownie to cover the cookie dough, so we made a second batch of brownie and schmeared that on too.

No pictures of the finished product, because we ate it. And then we went for a run. Behold the evidence! I'm putting my hand in what is not actually a pocket here, to emphasize the fact that WE ARE CLOTHING-TWINS!!!

By which I mean that mom and boo are clothing-twins, since I didn't bring any of my de-fatting gear and had to borrow mom's. Koala is in this picture to make us look thin. We ran around Deer Lake park, and the balance of power seems to have shifted so that instead of boo trying to keep up with me because I am the older sister, I was huffing and puffing to keep up with her, because I am the older sister.


And we watched a really depressing hockey game and half of the first season of Arrested Development and went shopping and I bought the same shirt in 3 different colors because they were on for cheap and went to go see a friend of boo's perform (boo did the artwork for her cd, and it's stellar, but I can't find it online anywhere) and watched some more Project Runway and then I came home.


The end.


Ed. The recipe for the brownies is as follows: Buy a bag of Chipits and make half of the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back, because it really is the best one. Make your favorite brownie recipe, or whatever one you can find on the internet that has the word 'intense' or 'explosion' or 'best' in it. Grease a 13x9 pan, do not use your midriff to close the Pam because it will leave a crop-circle. Make blobs out of half of the cookie dough (mine were golf-ball-ish sized) and put those in the pan. Flood with brownie batter (if necessary, make more brownie batter). Make blobs of the rest of the cookie dough and put them on top, kind of trying to place them where there isn't already cookie dough beneath, but it doesn't really matter. Also, don't bother trying to smooth down the cookie lumps, everything will flat out in the oven. Cook for 40-ish minutes, or until toothpick inserted etc etc. Cool and eat.


Christine said...

Ooh, recipe svp!

rebekah joy plett said...

Oh no, sister, I am the larger, slower sister. I also love commas.