Thursday, May 28, 2009

In which I am an ingrate.

So, sad face. We've been having this beautiful weather, and we have this deck and a couple of bottles of cheap wine and some frozen mango and I think a bag of chips somewhere and I'm not very busy because I only have the one class and papers are in the only vaguely forseeable future. But Joel's in the middle of finals and spends his days locked in a room at school with no windows.

So while I'm having a great time reading trashy fiction in the sun, it'd be nice if Joel could also be reading trashy fiction (or some serious, manly non-fiction) with me, but by the time he's done and able to spend time on the deck I'll be taking Vic Lit and Spanish, and you're all, That's not a big deal, that's, like, two classes, but what you don't realize is that it's a full semester of Spanish in 3 weeks which is like being KICKED IN THE TEETH WITH SPANISH!!!

So, boo. My life is awesome, but could be more awesome.

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rebekah joy plett said...

I am sorry I am not closer for I am also a drain on society at this point in time. Perhaps in the future our paths may cross and then do a parallel motion.