Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Joel and I recently acquired a half-sized deep freeze (thx, parents!!) and since I have all this space now, I've been experimenting with things that can and cannot be frozen (note: most everything can be frozen. The lone exception, I think, is booze. Anyway, the experiment has more to do with the relative deliciousness of frozen things to their pre-froze selves).

Things that are just as good after being frozen: meat.

Things that are better after being frozen: bananas, mangoes (eat while frozen or in the process of thawing. Do not thaw and then eat. That will be gross).

Things that are more gross almost to the point of being inedible after being frozen: potatoes, and I'm going to guess, apples.

Stay tuned, I'll be here all summer.


rebekah joy plett said...

And pickles. I nearly hurled when I ate a half-frozen pickle (due to an overzealous fridge).

Shari said...

Lucky! We miss having a freezer. I so hope that we can get one sometime soon too.

Aleta said...


Anonymous said...

You know those yoghurt tubes they sell for kids? Pop those in the freezer instead of eating popsicles.


smallbyrd said...

ew ew ew frozen pickle.