Thursday, February 11, 2010

Haute decor

Amigos, may I introduce?  This is Sam Skellington.  I bought him one year after Halloween because he was on the cheap, he's fairly non-flimsy and all of his bones are more or less where they ought to be.  I used to bring him to daycare to teach my kiddies about bones, and then I stored him in a box in my parents' garage for a few years, and last weekend I dug him out.  Now he sits in the living room and dresses up for holidays.  For you, his Valentine, he wears his heart on his...ribcage.


Nater said...

Dr. Zaius and Bonny appreciate your new decor. They've had some ups and downs in the last few years. Sometimes she says he is heartless, he accuses her of having a soft spine. The worst was when they were kicked out of their home (apparently they are no longer fashionable in Alberta). So now they hide out of sight by my computer monitor in the church office.

trish said...

He'd look great in a top hat.

Aleta said...

Duuude, I've always wanted to do that! Really! Things like this remind me that if you lived in, perhaps, the same country or something, we'd totally hang out.

BTW, haven't commented on your health situation because I'm bad at knowing what to say about that kind of stuff, but it's worth mentioning that I'm pulling for ya and hope your woes go away as quickly as they can.