Sunday, March 21, 2010

Target and treats

So Friday morning we're leaving school to hit the ferry to come to the mainland to throw my sister a wedding shower to stock up her new kitchen (to catch the fly, etc.) and my mom texts me all, Do you want to drive down to the States to check out Target?  Ha ha, what?  Of course.  So we booked it down over the border in mom's hot car with the top down so that I had to tie my hair back like Audrey Hepburn-slash-a refugee.

Target has just put out the Liberty of London line, which is sort of a big deal in the world of Cheap Cute Clothes, but none of the dresses were kind to my body and I had not yet read Lauren's post about how the juniors stuff is also adorable.  Alas.  Fortunately, Target also had a reasonable supply of rompers.  I've been pretty fatalistic about the likelihood of me ending up in a romper (a whole outfit in one piece! pockets! romping!) so buying this comfy beast wasn't something over which I had a terrible amount of control.

Also featured in that picture is the leftovers from our stop at Paso Del Norte.  All you Murricans have no idea how good you have it.  Our best Mexican food is literally Taco Bell (our second-best is Taco Time, which is incidentally also our worst).  Mom refused to be in any pictures with me because she said her hair was dowdy, so I ate both our meals while she was taking the picture.  HAAAAA, no.  You know I kid.  I didn't even eat all of my own meal, because look at those portions!

H'ANYvays, after downing said leftovers the next day, me and boo baked up a storm for the shower, where 'baked' translates loosely to 'got into the chocolate cupboard' and 'took unflattering photos of ourselves.'

Baking is hard, y'all, because sometimes recipes have directions like 'blend for ten minutes' and 'chill for an hour up to a week' and we are not good at pre-reading, and then sometimes cookies are like, Guys?  I'm making a break for it, and that makes the house smell like burning.

We ended up with a giant mess and a slew of treats

and eventually what passed for a party feast.

And then we had a good lie-down to rest up for the ensuing hijinks.

All of the pictures from the party are grainy because my camera takes shoddy indoor nighttime photos and my sister is allergic to the flash, but I might throw them up on facebook for sharing purposes.  Pretend you can see it, though.  All the aunties and the flowers and the tea towels and my grandpa banished to the family room and forced to watch tv on headphones.


leah boldt said...

give it up for onesies!! whoo!!

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Thank you for not putting up the picture where our legs look like sausage casings.

Also, where is the picture where my legs look like they are from two different people?

And also, once on House there was a girl who WAS allergic to light. But in a different way. Remind me why we abolished survival of the fittest?