Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A mouthful of change

Ok, I told my book blog I'd stop talking about my cancer now, but if you are here it's because you WANT to hear about my cancer.  Or about my weekend in Uclulet, which basically consisted of a hot tub and a puppy and he ate a bouncy ball and then I snuggled him.  See facebook for photographic evidence of snuggling.

I've been done my radiation and saltless hell for almost two weeks, and those first few days were a glorious frenzy of eating.  I. ate. everything.  I thought I'd make myself sick, but I felt amazing and everything tasted like babies' faces and rainbows.  But somewhere along the way the radioactive iodine seeped into my salivary glands and now everything tastes like dirty pennies.  Dirty pennies with an undertone of cereal, dirty pennies with an undertone of brownies.  Water tastes like straight-up dirty pennies so I'm kind of dehydrated all the time.

And I haven't seen a doctor in what feels like ages but is actually maybe twelve days, so I haven't been able to ask but extensive interwebble research says this is normal, and that it should go away.  Eventually.  If it doesn't, so help me I will stab something, because I baked cookies today and I can't even tell if they taste good.

In other, better news, I was scanned yesterday for I dont even know what, something cancery, and the nuke med tech said it looked clean.  My radiation-doctor is super old, and I'm not even sure he understands telephones so we might be waiting on a call from him for a while, plus I have bloodwork scheduled for well into May, so there might not be a doctory stamp of non-cancerness for some time.  I'm just going to assume that everything's fine now, and move on to Operation Side-Effects (see, for example, mouth-pennies).


Jonathan said...

I am so sorry your life has turned to metalic penny taste...I don't know what is worse, not eating salt or everything tasting like pennies. hopefully it'll be done soon. thanks for the update! been thinking of you and hopeing everything has been going well :)


peasantwench said...

Not that it's the same, I'm sure, but the sleeping pills I take make everything kind of taste like metal. Water is the worst, although you can force yourself to get used to it. I like actually getting sleep enough occasionally to put up with days where things taste like metal. I will say that lattes and diet coke taste okay. It also gets less noticeable as time goes by for me. I hope it's done soon for you, and good luck finding stuff you can still enjoy...

leah boldt said...

what do baby faces taste like?