Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I try

I keep meaning to write you a wrap-up of my Time At the Parents' House but I was there for almost a week and many things happen so I'm just going to start stabbing at bits of it.  I brought home five extra pounds of Raych because me and boo had strawberry turnovers for lunch and then made dad make us tater tots for second lunch even though we knew we were going to Gillian's for chocolate fountain later, and then we went to Gillian's for chocolate fountain later and ate our weight in gold.  Chocolate fountain gold.

And also, dad brought home many Tim Tams and no one was around to eat them and watch The Rundown except the parents and I.

And also, I threw boo a panties party (more about which another time, unless I forget [likely]) and baked many treats and I'm really into sampling my own wares.

I forgot to take a picture of them later when they were all plated and nice and when the cupcakes were filled with the lemon curd, because I was busy making wine spritzers, which are my new go-to party drink.  They are elegant and festive.

And also, we took mom to the Cactus Club for Mother's Day and everything we ate was extra-fried, except for the bellinis.  Which we didn't technically eat.  So.

Now I'm trying to detox but it's going badly because my house is full of chips.

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Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Gillian and Kirsten are the better-looking pair of sisters. THOUGH, you and I look exceptionally tall.

Also, now that I've read this post and thought of lemon curd cupcakes I must go eat a thousand other things that will never satisfy me.