Saturday, July 02, 2011

Georgie's First Canada Day

Georgie wants to Sniff All The Things (And, If Possible, Eat them).

Georgie and the whale!

Georgie does not like the copper girl.

The copper girl does not taste like people.

Georgie is an Immigrant Dog.  Welcome to Canada!  Bienvenue!

Georgie meets a Mountie Bear.

Georgie is seduced by an old sailor.

Georgie welcomes her master back from the war.

Georgie gets a drink, as the weather has finally turned hot.

Georgie is patriotic.


Anna said...

Georgie is startlingly similar to Kristopher, especially in the desire to lick and taste all things. Also, the patriotism.

J.Symes said...

I had a class with the copper girl! she is actually quite sweet....