Monday, December 05, 2011

I get that if I had a car I wouldn't have this problem.

Dear bus driver,

I'm sure, as a bus driver, that you know a lot about driving the bus.  But as someone who TAKES the bus, I know a lot about taking buses, and I'm not totally sure you do.

I'm not sure you know, for example, that the bus you are driving is, for most of the people on that bus, the sole way they have of getting where they are going.  Like work.  Or class.  Or aqua-fit.  And I'm not sure you realize that if you drive a fairly infrequent bus, like the 110, the ramifications for you not picking up a passenger are slightly more dire than if you drive, say, the 99, which comes every two minutes.  Waiting an extra half hour makes you LATE for shit.

And I'm not sure you realize that my aqua-fit class is what keeps me from feeling bad about all those scones I ate yesterday.  NOW I HAVE TO FEEL BAD ABOUT THOSE SCONES, bus driver.

And I get that your bus was full-ish, but the bus at this time is ALWAYS full-ish.  Every other bus driver has found a way to pull over and let me on.  Usually they get on the horn and ask everyone to move back because, and you might be new to this, there is always room at the back of the bus.  The back of the bus is like Northern Saskatchewan.

Next week the pool near my house re-opens, and I can get there on my own legs and will no longer need your bus-driving services.

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Rhiannon said...

ah nice! Did he also not notice you are 100 months pregnant either? Transit workers can be so angsty.
My favorite is when my very infrequent bus is ten minutes early!! because who goes out in the pouring rain more than ten minutes in advance??!