Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Bewts.

I needed new Serious Business Boots because my old ones

(these ones)

have lost a lot of the insides and now they eat my ankles and make me bleed.  So.

I freaking love Sorels.  I can't even tell you.  But Serious Business Boots are for the three times a year it snows plus the one time it sleet-snows and then the one time we go sledding.  I cannot spend $200 on boots on the best of days, let alone boots I wear five times a year (for the next forever).

But then today I was in the Old Navy picking up a Christmas gift and I saw a decently Sorel-ly pair for $70.

$70 is still too much.  YOU GUYS.  So much money.  But I thought to myself, I will wait until Boxing Week and I will remember that these are here and then I will come back and hope they still have my size.

And then I saw the All Boots 60% Off sign.

$27 is ok by me.  Let it snow now.


blackbird said...

Well done, my adorable boot-wearing friend.

Rhiannon said...

Man, the way its going out here I won't have to dig the serious business boots out AT ALL this year! Dec 18th and not a flake of snow in Toronto, and unlike you Oceanic west coasters we're supposed to have it.
Best of luck on your snow hunt!