Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things I Am Excited About

Or, Reasons I Don't Want To Have This Baby Yet, Because Doing Things Is Way Easier With Her In Self-Watering Mode:

Lunch with our friends Grayson and Caley tomorrow, whom we have not seen since, I'm going to say, July.

Dinner with our friends Carl and Anna and their two hilarious children tomorrow (Gemma makes me feel like I am Very Good With Children, when really she is just Very Good With Adults).

Lunch on Friday with my Fun Friend Alicia Who Is Going To Med School Far Away, as well as Anna (again!  So much Anna!) and Fritha who I haven't seen since, oh, let's say, September.

Probably we will go for at least one walk along the Vedder River, which is lovely and weirdly full of eagles (the walk, not the river).

Christmas Eve service, in which we try to find a Church That Doesn't Butcher The Carols In The Name Of Cool, Because We Just Want To Sing Along And Don't Care For Your Guitar Soloing.

Chinese food after the Christmas Eve service, in which we cheerfully complain about the carols and the butchering thereof.

Stockings on Christmas morning.  Also, Joel's mom's eggs benedict.

Spiral ham for Christmas dinner.  Ham is disgusting, people.  It is slimy and fleshy and tastes like undercooked bacon.  The only serviceable ham is a spiral ham, and that is TO DIE for.

More presents on Boxing Day morning.  Also, my mom's eggs benedict.  With leftover spiral ham.  And probably we will watch Spartacus or Planet of the Apes or The Ten Commandments or whatever else Charlton Heston movie is on A&E.

Extended Joel-family gathering on the 27th, in which there will be mashed yams with cheese, and carol singing.

Extended my-family gathering on the 28th, in which there will be that game where you steal the presents and everyone is ruthless about it.

New Year's Eve.

And then ok yes, we can have a baby.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

See, I always wondered what was the deal between ham and spiral ham and was one for the geometrically challenged or what? But it sounds as if there is a huge difference that transcends shape. And oh, mashed yams with cheese! Yum! But if I have that, will I have a baby? Something to think about....

Anna said...

Yes, you must wait at leeeaaassst two more days, but Jan. 1 would particularly splendid I can see.

Anonymous said...

If you're still looking for a service for tomorrow, our church's carols will be guitar-free... because I refuse to play on Christmas eve.

Well that's partly a true story. We're never asked to play because a) they know we'll say no and b) Christmas Eve Christmas Carols should never be accompanied by guitar & drums.