Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eventually I will have to baby-proof this place.

So I'm on the couch, reading a book the other day, and I look down and THIS is happening:

And I was like, Oh rats. But that was almost a week ago and she's still...about that good at it. Which is to say, not very. We haven't put gates up or those plastic things in the outlets or ANYthing, because half of the time she forgets she can crawl and the other half of the time she's like, Ehhhh, I'll just play with this toy over here instead.

But she loves to stand, and to hold your hands and take enormous Godzilla steps towards things. Sometimes she forgets that she's a BABY and just lets go of whatever she's holding, like she's going to just walk away.

I sort of didn't think she'd ever crawl, and was kind of like, Yesssss and kind of like, Egads her development. But I think she's just indifferent re: physical activity and baby? I feel you.


alitareads said...

I love that she just meanders over to the book and then is like "okay, I'm good."

Amanda said...

Buy extra gates to cover the lowest bookshelves, is all I'm saying.