Monday, October 15, 2012


Alphonse et Marie, réuni.

And then yesterday I wanted to go to the sausage shop which is by the OTHER dollar store, so I just popped in there for a second and popped out with these three jokers.

Stare no evil, scream no evil, scowl no evil.

I also picked up five of these

and LITTERED the bookshelves with them.

Re: Eleanor the Monk: I can't make her a monk for Halloween (perfect monk-hair notwithstanding) because she has no monk-like qualities, but MANY dragonesque ones, plus she already has this costume which I refuse to use just the once. Dragon goes to the store!

Dragon goes to the park!

You going to push me or what?

For real, woman. Push me.

Very good. Wheeee!


Sandy Rempel said...

I made a monk costume for Jordan's second Hallowe'en. Partly due to his portliness, but mostly because he had a bowl haircut. He told everyone that he was dressed as a 'monkey'. Even though his outfit was suitably brown and he acted like a little monkey, there was no accounting for the large hanging cross on his neck.
PS love the dinosaur costume

trish said...

I read "sausage shop" as if it was a euphemism and LOL'd the rest of the way through the post.

Anonymous said...

Okay, fine, Dragon is still a very good Halloween costume.