Monday, October 01, 2012

Advices and reminiscences.

The other night, Joel and I got sushi and a couple of Sapporos and watched 13 Assassins and had ourselves a little impromptu Japanese night. Here is my advice to you: if you are going to have an impromptu Japanese night and get one of those massive pies from Superstore (because what is more Japanese than apple pie?), I recommend you cut it into 16 pieces and then have two of those rather than having an eighth of the pie. I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS IS DIFFERENT. Alls I know is that the first night I had an eight of the pie and felt terrible, and for the last two nights I have had two halves-of-an-eighth and it is just right.

With that bit of business out of the way, let's indulge in a couple of then-and-nows, shall we?

Two-week-old Eleanor employs the Happy Cactus for sleeping purposes

while nine-month-old Eleanor prefers the Recovery Position.

Six-month-old Eleanor would like to know what happened to the hippopotamus

and nine-month-old Eleanor is similarly interested, though she doesn't need a pillow to prop her up.

These leopard pants do not fit six-week-old Eleanor

nor do they fit nine-month-old Eleanor.

Stupid pants.

Four-day-old Eleanor has crone thighs

but nine-month-old Eleanor has the graceful, supple thighs of a sumo.

Three-day-old Eleanor does not approve of baths

but nine-month-old Eleanor likes them JUST FINE.


Tikabelle said...

NINE MONTHS LATER I still want to chew on your baby. It amazes me how long this desire has lasted; this is how you know she's actually cute instead of just ok-cute.

Reading Rambo said...

Ugh your baby is the best of all babies.