Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And so all were well.

E has been playing doctor with boo and Darren for days. 

And then today we went to the real doctor and lo, she hath an ear infection to go with her teething and her cough and her raging diaper rash. 

But a bath cures all things, and I bought her this whale with perforations on the bottom. It's a success. 

And then she went to bed and boo and Darren went on a date and Joel was at work but I had book club, and we had tea. 

That's a bundt cake. 


Joel said...

your book club is way fancier than my book club.

blackbird said...

A what?
A bundt?
A bun?

I got fired from my book club.
Long story.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your book club there is a bit of a step up from our pizza & beer.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

My book club is a party of one where I sit and think about the books I want to read.