Thursday, May 30, 2013

I don't have time for a blog post so here are some pictures of stuff.

No one loves an anatomy text like Eleanor loves an anatomy text. 

It's corn season.

Where is Eleanor?

There she is. 

Outdoor pool for sunny day splashings. 

Indoor pool for rainy day splashings. 

This is her new face that she makes all the time, and which it has taken me ages to catch on film. It's her Enthusiastic Face and it absolutely slays me. 

Eyebrows up, everyone. 


Reading Rambo said...


I will accept these in lieu of words.

Amanda said...

Our Eleanors are so similar! It cracks me up, and I so wish they could be friends. They would love each other.

blackbird said...

I missed you at BEA today.
Fortunately, I feel better after seeing these photos.