Thursday, May 02, 2013

It was a good eating weekend.

So even though we were just futzing around our own city last weekend, we had HOUSE GUESTS and that makes room for experimental eating. So we went to The Holy Grill, this sandwich place we've gone to once before but it was CLOSED because it closes at 4 (seriously, you guys. You can only ever lunch or early-dinner here) which we'd known but forgotten. So we googled places nearby and ended up at a Korean place and I had sweet potato noodles with beef and things

and so did Eleanor

and there were no high chairs at this hole in the wall, which is how Eleanor ended up on the table, within easy reach of my dish.

She picked out all my meat. She is the most carnivorous.

The next day we went back to The Holy Grill for LUNCH because I'd had my heart set, and I had the Sicilian panini (grilled eggplant and yams and sauteed onions and things)

and BEET CHIPS, which are actually super tasty.

There were no high chairs here NEITHER so Eleanor sat on a Grandma-chair and ate beet chips.

I believe I have already mentioned the ice cream.

I had burgundy cherry over rainbow sherbet. Eleanor had whatever everyone was having.

Then Joel and I went out on a DATE by OURSELVES and we always drive by the Pfantastic Pannenkoek Haus but some things are hard to share with babies and some things you just don't WANT to share with babies so we waited until we were baby-free and we split the bacon, onion, and cheddar pannenkoek

and then Joel had the Black Forest (cherries, chocolate, ice cream)

and I had the cinnamon bun (brown sugar, cream cheese icing) with apples baked into it.

And then we rolled ourselves on home.

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Reading Rambo said...

Sigh. Pictures of food. I'll never be over them.