Thursday, November 21, 2013

In summary.


She is basically making this face the entire time Papa pushes her on the swing.

And I am never, ever taking this skirt off. Ever.

See? (Also, whisk whisk whisk.)

She was just bent on taking those stairs by herself.

Here, Bogey. You may have a toy. I am learning sharing.

Uncles are for magic carpet rides.

Silence, while I serenade.

Oh look, Gigi, you can park here. (This was the first time I've ever been able to use 'with small child' parking and the parking lot was PACKED. It was triumphant.)

Yes, I will take this bear.

Would you like a muffin, Lady Mary? Sorry, Lady Edith, I don't have enough for you.

Papa was using his phone as a mirror to show her where the yogurt was. She is bad at mirrors (the yogurt was on the other side).

This is right after she misjudged a hand-hold and fell down ALL those stairs. My child.

Don't do it, E.

The height of boldness: gently patting Rufus' tail while he sits there like the placid beast he is.

She used this rake to make 'mashed potatoes' out of her grandparents' carpet for HOURS.

We visited Gigi at work and it was THRILLING for everyone involved.

You hide, Uncle Dar-Dar.


Girlfriend will get in your shoes.

And she will make you help.

Continuing our streak of someone getting sick, Eleanor came down with a cold the morning we left. Which is fine, because she ALSO continued her streak of never sleeping in public unless she is sick.

Such a good face, that face.

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blackbird said...

such a good BABY.