Friday, November 22, 2013

Photogenic but distractible.

My friend Alicia did a photo shoot with Eleanor and I, because she is trying to build her photography  business and also I hadn't seen her since she MOVED TO AUSTRALIA AND BACK, so we had chats.

And I figured I'd just post the best ones but they're ALL the best ones, so here are just…some. Eleanor can be tricky to photograph, because (as I mentioned a while ago) when you get her in a new environment she has to spend a while doing her Important Toddler Business.

Eleanor, look at Alicia!
Hold on, gotta pick up these leaves.

Eleanor, over here!
Wait, you guys, this is a very unusual leaf.

On the plus side, when you CAN get her to look up, she is like *face*

Or, equally as delightful, *face?*

And if you can SURPRISE her somehow (like by sneaking up on her), you get *FACE*

And if you can get a little white dog to be walking through the park at that time, you can at least get her Not Looking At The Ground.

I am framing this one for my wall.


Vasilly said...

Oh my God! I love them all!

Tika Viteri said...

That is an EXCELLENT one to frame. The one I love second-best is her giving FACE by the climbing thingy.

You make a very photogenic pair!