Sunday, November 24, 2013

So, it snowed the day we left (you may recall) and it snowed the day after we got back, and the day after THAT I bought Eleanor snow pants and the day after THAT it warmed up to -15 after being in the…I don't know whether to say 'high -20s' meaning high in numbers or 'low -20s' meaning low in temperature, but it had been in the -20s nearer to -30 (which is -22 F, ARE YOU SATISFIED, ALICE?). It had been cold.

But at -15 I don't have to worry about Eleanor's exposed skin for a quick trip to the backyard, plus we had snow pants to try out.

SNOW. You scoop it.

You throw it.

You fall down in it.

You sit and wait for help, because you are so bundled.

You stonk through it (stonk, stonk, stonk).

And then you go back inside and your mum takes a picture of how hilarious your bum looks.

After snow, you have hot cocoa.

Those are the rules.

But you have to hold it like a grown-up. Your fingers go…through here.

Some days, this snow thing isn't so bad.

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