Thursday, February 20, 2014

I've taken a nap every day since we got here.

We are visiting home again, and are, as usual, Very Busy And Important People.

We flew here in the evening because that's when the only direct flights are, so by the time we boarded it was already over an hour past Eleanor's bedtime, but I'd found this stack of Curious George books at the thrift store for a dollar and she spent an hour being all, Deedle doooo, these are great.

And then fell asleep with twenty minutes left to go in the flight because obviously.

Eleanor has been to the mall with Papa, to visit Gigi at work and to ride the train and visit the Disney store, and when I finished my errands and came to join them she was like, Bye mum. You go o'er there. *points to exterior of store because mum is really just a party-killer*

My sister and I ALSO went to (ugh) the mall, which is the literal worst when you aren't two, but we both have the same hole in our grey leggings and they aren't going to replace themselves.

Besides, the mall has cinnamon buns

and our fetuses are demanding.

(Have I not mentioned that my sister is also pregnant? We're due three weeks apart.)

Then we had to take a field trip out to the Swiss Bakery in Vancouver to pick up some frissants, which are cronuts only they're in Vancouver, not New York.

Eleanor didn't get any frissants, because she was asleep when we ate them, but she's not bothered because she's been drinking out of her monkey cup and eating out of her cow bowl (and wearing her strawberry hat, naturally).

Hazel came over yesterday, who is likewise practicing Big Sisterhood

and also forts.

I'm going to totally jinx this by mentioning it, but despite predictions of rain for the week, the weather has been beautiful.

We brought our bee boots for stomping, but the puddles have mostly been tiny leftovers

so we've had to go looking for 'rivers.'

No trolls? Just checking.

We did bring a bit of Saskatoon with us, because it snowed last night.

Eleanor is like, I recognize that stuff.

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