Friday, February 28, 2014

Trips and bits.

Let's see, what else. Oh yes. E and I went to visit a friend of mine and her son, Wolfie, and we plonked the two of them down with some books and because Wolfie is ten months old, he was all WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE and Eleanor was all, Get off me.

And Wolfie was all, THIS IS EXCELLENT and Eleanor was all, Ugh, children.

And I was like, Man, sisterhood is going to come as a SHOCK. But then other friends showed up with their three-week-old baby, and I got Eleanor all set up on the couch with some pillows and gave her the baby and she was all, Ohhhhhhh!

Iss a baby!

And she looked at me like, Are you seeing this? Look how TINY it is.

And as soon as I took the baby back, she was asking to hold her again, and when we wedged all three littles together for a picture, Eleanor took her baby-holding job very seriously.

I figure she'll be alright, since we're having a newborn and not a ten-month-old.

She was also verrrrry gentle with Bogart, my sister-in-law's dog, of whom she has previously been terrified.

After I put her Bogart-shirt on, I was like, Do you want to go show your tante? And she was all, NO I WANT TO GO SHOW BOGEY MY SHIRT.

Hello, shirt-friend.

We had an enormous supper with Joel's grandparents, and I accidentally called Eleanor back to the table for dessert a little prematurely, so she had to wait!

And wait.

And waaaaait.

Finally, PIE.

One of my girlfriends from when Joel was in med school lives in Calgary, and the other lives in Vancouver, and the Calgary friend was taking a trip to BC that overlapped with my visit by about two days, so we all got together.

So many things are different (two of us have babies now) but SO MANY THINGS ARE STILL THE SAME and it was delightful to sit around together and be all, ARGHHHHHH BEING MARRIED TO MEDICAL RESIDENTS AMIRITE.

Eleanor continues to be confused by babies. Hi, Landon!

He didn't say hi back to me! she says. Give him time, Eleanor.

Even when there's no blanket over it, the table at my parents' house is an excellent thing to play under.

Don't mind me, folks. I'll just do my important toddler work while you chat.

And then we flew home, stopping over in Edmonton, and it was the longest day and Eleanor was fantastic as usual but she didn't nap, so on the ten-minute drive from the airport to our house, this happened.

Of course.


Vasilly said...

What?! You're having another baby?! :-) How did I miss that?

As usual, Eleanor is gorgeous. My seven year-old acts the same way as Eleanor around toddlers but loves babies.

leahandmichael said...