Saturday, February 01, 2014

Ways you can tell she is big now.

The pigtail, obviously.

The octopus, obviously.

She uses scissors (inexpertly but with concentration).

She drinks from a cup now, like a person.

She sits at the table (on a booster seat), like a person.

'Eleanor not have a tray!' she says, pleased.

She has pink grown-up-lady nails.

(Joel and I are unanimous in not liking the grown-up-lady nails. I thought two would be old enough but it looks ridiculous on her so I will 'lose' the bottle of non-toxic Piggie Paint and bring it out again next year. Or maybe this summer, for her toeses.)


blackbird said...

Hello Big Girl Eleanor!
I'm sending hugs from NYC.


Lois said...

'Auntie Auntie' Lois says: Growing up is such a delightful concoction of thises and thatses!

Lois said...

Oh my gosh! My comment went through without a significantly challenging distortion of letters and numerals!!

Amanda said...

Oh good heavens, we have those cups AND that booster seat for our Eleanor. They are so big, those Eleanors.

Reading Rambo said...

Painted summer toeses!

Also I am opposed to her getting bigger. While also excited to continue to do this weird watch-from-Illinois thing of seeing her get bigger and more like a Person-Person.

I can't believe she's not afraid of the octopus.