Thursday, February 19, 2015


So, I dunno if you heard, but we got a lot of snow. It is, as I speak, still snowing. 

And then for DAYS it was too cold to go out and play in it. We could barely make it from the house to the garage. Geneva's car seat has this cover thing to keep out the worst of the cold but she's getting too big for it and whenever you look down, an arm.

Dammit, Geneva, it's freezing out here. Anyway. Having a car has made all the difference this winter because we were still able to go SOMEWHERE. But there's been a lot of Being In Our House and Grinching At Each Other and I'm almost certain Geneva's getting some teeth, so she's been a bear and I have been a little in the dumps about my life.

But today was a balmy -4. SO WARM. We went to the library even though we were just there because I wanted to walk. I'm a very indoorsy sort of person but having kids has accustomed me to a certain level of outdoorsness. And then Eleanor woke up from her nap just as Geneva was going down, so we went out to PLAY IN THE YARD.

And Eleanor was just so happy. We were out there for well over an hour, in the ceaseless, uselessly busy way of toddlers. Burying sticks in the snow and then digging them up. Clearing all the snow out of the playhouse and then bringing more in. Rolling around. Playing chase.

Eleanor is pretty sedentary and bookish, so I don't always think of her as needing exercise, but this afternoon reminded me of what I love so much about summer. Open space and free range children! 

A good day's work. 


Somaiyya said...

Why are you down in the dumps about your life, friend? You are super cool, super witty, a mother to two precocious girls, an amazing cook, well-read, and many other things. What's got you down?

Sarah said...

Ugh winter is the worst! It is -18 C here today and I don't even live in Canada!! Everyone is sick forever. Anyway, we're one day closer. One day closer to warm and outside and ice cream and light. We'll make it.