Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day! Is a thing that happened.

Eleanor and I glued a bunch of buttons to a paper heart, for pretties.

She made her dad a card.

We ventured out into the snowstorm

because brunch.

And then I very slowly came down with the barfs. I kept feeling like if I ate the right thing, I'd be ok, but nothing worked. I took a Gravol and went to bed and woke up like a thousand times. The snowstorm petered out in the evening and our neighbor ran his snowblower under our window at 9 pm. It was hard to be mad, because he was snow-blowing our walkway, too.

I woke up at 11, too sick to live. Barfing didn't help, which is the worst, because then you're out of options. Joel got the girls up and dressed the next morning, and Eleanor kept sneaking in to give me kisses. It was very sweet, but toddlers are not gentle cuddlers, and when they left I slept for what felt like days.

Now I am better, and today is FAMILY DAY. We went ice skating.

There were carriage rides.

The thing that Eleanor can't stop talking about is the giant dancing ice cream.

'He held my hand SO MUCH TIMES.'

It was almost unbearably cold.

I'm a super cool dude, wearing my sunglasses over my regular glasses because I have an eye infection, and can't wear my contacts. We survived the weather, and came home for soup.

Vive le holidays. 


blackbird said...

You know, I think you're going to have to go to Disney World/Land.

Constance said...

I agree with blackbird (cough/*Land). You poor mommy. We hate the barfs so much! Saying a prayer over you and the others in your house. Please go away Mr. 'Arff.