Saturday, February 07, 2015

Homeward bound.

WELL. Hello. Josie accused me of never blogging when I go home to visit, which is less an accusation and more a description of fact, but HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BLOG when I am so busy sitting quietly in the guest room with a cup of coffee and a book?

I ask you. Anyway, we went home to visit. Joel dropped us off at the airport on his way to work. Eleanor, peering out the window as we pack our bags: Are we going out into the dark? Me: Yes. Her: We are like bats. WALKING bats.

That kid. Our trip out was the best possible. Two just-over-an-hour flights, a layover barely long enough to pee and pick up a cinnamon bun, arriving in Vancouver in time for lunch and a nap. Eleanor carried her own backpack, full of a few toys and a notebook for scribbling but mostly BOOKS AND IT WAS SO HEAVY but she carried it.

The weather in BC was beautiful.

We went to the park and nobody wore mittens.

We went to Chilliwack and swang on every swing.

This one.

This one.

These ones.

There are so many kids involved in my family now.

Eleanor and Hazel are starting to have Regular Grown-Up Child interactions, instead of just weird toddler collisions.

Eleanor thinks Frankie is the best joke because she is a BABY who can also STAND.

We visited Wolfie and his new baby, but he was way more interested in our baby.

We visited Darren's mum, and took over her house with ALL OUR CHILDRENS.

Bekah and I went to the mall TWICE and had cinnamon buns, because nothing says trying clothes on a post-partum body like extra frosting.

My girls got all the love and attention they could possibly want.

Eleanor made literally everyone read to her at least once.

Oh, and Geneva learned to crawl. Did I not mention that? It's sort of important.

Geneva was kind of a nightmare on the first flight home, but she caught like a third or fourth wind for the second flight (it was a long day) and Eleanor continues to be a traveling DELIGHT.

We came home to a snowstorm, and a foot of fresh snow overnight.

Now we settle back in to our winter stuff and wait for spring.


blackbird said...

Welcome home!

No one sick?!

kt said...

This is the best Saturday night reading.....all these adorable small humans and their loving minions....and your delightful narrative.

dlgowan said...

So many sweet babies! Glad you had a nice trip and made it home safely.