Tuesday, May 05, 2015

An update, largely weather-based.

Oh man, been a while. Ok. We had just fled to Josie's because snow, and returned to find our house in full power. Hooray. And the next morning, we woke up and, just...snow.

End of April, schmend of schmapril.

But by the next morning, our snowlady was in TERRIBLE shape

and Eleanor was in a sundress (and boots, obviously, because snowmelt errwhere).

Anyway, whatever, we went to the park.

Geneva's like, I don't even know, dude, I've never seen an April before.

Warm weather ensued, we walked all the way over the bridge to Broadway to go to the Bulk Cheese Warehouse.

Pants totally optional.

Now we're out in the yard every day before dinner.

That playhouse was the best $30 I ever spent. We put a few plants in the ground last weekend, and I sprinkled a couple of seeds, but I'm afraid they're going to get washed away because the rain that's been threatening for WEEKS is all coming down right in one go. Mother's Day is this weekend, but Joel works, so it'll mostly just be me and the ladies making merry, and next week Geneva's turning one.

I'm what?

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