Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A bit of a catch-up.

Baby in a bin.

Babies and their books.

Eleanor does this thing where she wants to have cheese for snack, but she has to put on her rat costume first.

Geneva does this thing where she thinks she's big and can do all the things.

Eleanor is my yoga partner.

Geneva in the car seat.

Eleanor in the car seat.

I've started letting Eleanor help in the kitchen again now that Geneva isn't a helpless sack of bones needing all my focus anymore, and she just wants to chop everything.

I love when babies fall asleep like, Fine, whatever, I don't even care anymore.

Eleanor just went into her room and closed the door and like twenty minutes later, called me in to see the house she'd built.

Geneva gets super angsty about baths but, I mean, come on, what am I supposed to do with this.

Look at these pixie bedhairs. 

Eleanor was out trying to learn to ride a bike with her dad and I had to cook dinner so I let Geneva loose in Eleanor's room. Don't tell.

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dlgowan said...

Oh my gosh - the leopard print leggings on Geneva, the rat costume on Eleanor. Your kids are just too cute.