Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A yearling.

Last year about this time, Joel was working a ton and I was massively pregnant and I kept taking Eleanor out for noodles because I could not cope with my life.

This year about this time, Joel has been working a ton and I just cannot, so on Mother's Day I found myself at a glorious hole in the wall, across the table from this joker.

But this year we've had an extra little hooligan with us on all our adventures.

I can SEE the soother

but how does I MOUTHS it.

It's yo berfday, Geneva! Explore the Cave of Wonders somebody accidentally left open!

Fall asleep in the stroller because your life is so boring.

Have a fruit pouch while we eat ice cream in your honor.

You do you, little Wren-face. You continue to do you.


blackbird said...

Sweet, sweet baby.
Happy Day!

Vasilly said...

That face! Happy birthday!