Friday, June 26, 2015

Ain't nothing beats free.

Another busy day in paradise. Today was the last day of daycamp, and everyone brought their teddy bears and we had a picnic and then said goodbye to all the staff, one of whom we have secured as a Future Babysitter because the girls LOOOOVE her. 

It was also Free Day at the zoo, so after naps we packed some food and headed out. 

It was hot as blazes, and busyish, but the zoo is massive so it never felt crowded. 

I let Eleanor feed the baby geese from her hand (don't tell Joel [who was at work all evening DON'T EVEN CARE BECAUSE IT'S SUMMERRRRRR]). 

We are trying to model appropriate table manners for Geneva. Eleanor is doing TERRIBLY. 

But she's very good at sharing. 

Geneva is very good at EYES. 

In conclusion: bears. 


blackbird said...

We watch bears here:

Constance said...

A potential sitter!!!! Yay! Planning must ensue on how to make this good. So glad! I'm with you at the zoo in my head and heart. You are the best adventurous mom. Love you for loving those girls so well. Luv, Mum