Thursday, June 11, 2015

Everything al fresco.

A year ago today:

Look at Geneva, so teensy and asleep like our picnic is nothing to her. 

Actual today:

So big. So self-feeding. I accidentally weaned her because I started giving her coffee cream in a sippy cup and suddenly she DOES NOT HAVE PATIENCE FOR A BOOB RIGHT NOW OMG THIS IS TAKING FOREVVVVER. Whatever, I was going to wean her anyway. I just...what if this is my last baby. 

You know she's not getting any water out, because she is still figuring out which ones she has to tip up and which ones she has to hold upright (like, the ones with the straw) but God help you if you try to help HER. 

So that's my little one. My big one is so big, but never to big to be 'alllll bundled' in the stroller. 

Picnics and splash parks and summer is here. 


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blackbird said...

Nice pose.