Thursday, June 25, 2015

We've been getting to bed super late.

If we've been very quiet over here, it's because Eleanor is in day camp. 

It's called Romp 'n' Read and she's super mega into it, obviously. But it means that we're indoors all morning, and the weather has been amazing, so every day after supper we end up at the splash park 

or the park park

and then today the Jazz Festival started up. 

They had a little Hammock Town set up? I dunno, it was weird. Eleanor was into it, obviously. 

Geneva, those are not your shoes. They don't even fit you. 

It's summer and it's glorious and it's worth all those long, mopey winter days, just for this. 

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blackbird said...

the Jazz Festival started up....and I gave the baby a shoe to play with...