Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grandma-ing, schooling, dancing, park.

So it rained for Grandma's whole weekend here, and it was lame.

But Eleanor's first day of school was lovely and clear.

I left Geneva with Grandma and took Eleanor to school, and I'm just this terrible paranoid person who's always convinced something's going to go wrong, like I've scheduled her for the wrong day or I have the wrong start time and we're going to show up late or just as it's ending. I had a moment of SHEER PANIC when we walked up to the lockers and I couldn't see her name.

Because duh I was looking at the school buses. Anyway. We went in and Eleanor went straight to the painting like she belonged there.

She was so chill, and the teachers were like, You can stay as long as you want, and Eleanor was like BYE MOM so I left and bought new pants and had a cinnamon bun.

I got back a bit early so I could creep on her through the window and see how she was doing. She was finishing up her snack, and then the teacher called everyone to the carpet and she got up and wandered dreamily throughout the room until physically guided over to sit down. After the story, her teacher was like, Now you'll take off your school shoes and go put them in your cubby, and all the other kids got up and went
over to find their cubbies, and Eleanor sat there, like, peeling off her name tag and sticking it to her neck. Like, she was MAXED OUT, her brain function was completely used up. Preschool is a LOT.

She started her dance class Tuesday night as well, IT WAS A BIG DAY, and it was exactly as ridiculous adorable as you expect, and we weren't allowed in the studio so all the moms took turns peeking in the one window through the crack in the blinds, and then they let us in for the last five minutes so they could give us a 'show' of marching and skipping and fluttering, and then they all got stickers for like participation or attendance or something I dunno look how thrilled she is though.

Geneva spent the whole day being like YAY EVERYTHING because having an extra person around to give her attention is her absolute favorite.

And then hey, look, our weather turned nice.

There were like a bajillion bees in these flowers and Geneva was positively livid that I wouldn't let her pet them.

Whatever, go play in the swamp while it's still on, you tiny toothsome creature.

We are at our little park basically every evening now, even though the pool is closed. Josie and I were talking about how every sunny second that you spend indoors right now feels WASTED.

Another day of school,

I got my hairs cut and my nails did and then had a loaded poutine while I waited to pick Eleanor up again.

Grandma took us to A&W before flying out Thursday night.

It was AMAZING having her here, being able to orchestrate those first few days of classes without having to drag Geneva along behind us, running frivolous errands all on my own.

Joel was home for the weekend, and now he's gone and it's just me and the tiny bitches for six days. What am I going to feed them for supper. (Pancakes, probably.)

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Rebekah Joy Plett said...

8th photo from the bottom looks like Eleanor is perched, light as a feather, on the tiny bird's back.