Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I will never stop talking about the weather.

Josie has a lot of good qualities, like making me waffles and liking my kids, but I really cherish her positivity. Cynicism is SUPER overrated, you guys, and I am done with like endless sarcasm and hating on stuff. Josie is one of the few friends who will never get tired of talking with me about how beautiful the weather is.

'Today is such a beautiful day.'

'The weather is amazing right now.'

'We are giving our kids such good childhoods.'

'We are such good moms.'

Geneva is...less of a mess? She ate almost an entire lunch and didn't barf any of it and she let me put her down for like ten minutes at the park. 

She's still sleeping a lot and needing to be touching me all the time and I basically just backpack her around the house so I can get stuff done, and this morning Eleanor and I got into a huge fight because I was trying to get her dressed while wearing Geneva in the backpack and shit is DIFFICULT and Eleanor was being, just, like a total butthole about it, but then we went to the park to meet Josie and the weather was amazing and our kids are having such good childhoods and we are such good moms.

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kt said...

Big, deep breaths as often as you can. You can do this as you are, indeed, a good mom.