Friday, September 04, 2015

Summer's out.

Summer is over and it is a bummer. I AM BUMMED OUT. Eleanor is not bummed out. This is why I keep her around. LOOK AT THE LOVELY YELLOW IN THOSE LOVELY TREES. And then I think of all the things that are coming, all the holidays (since November 1 of last year, Eleanor has wanted to be a wizard for Halloween this year, with Geneva as a lizard), all the activities that shut down for the summer - the soccer center, the toy library.

And school. ELEANOR IS STARTING PRESCHOOL next week. We picked up her school supplies last week and she has been talking of nothing else ever since. Look, mum. I ORGANIZED them.

Sometimes I go stand outside her door while she's waking up from her nap, just to listen to her chat with herself, and the other day she was like, But I won't be scared! Because all of my friends and my teacher will be there. Bye mom! Bye dad! is what I will say, on my first day of school.

And I just. She is so big and brave. Also, this is a thing that is happening.


kt said...

OMG. Preschool! AND ballet with leotards and tights and soft pink leather ballet slippers which make one a princess!!!! Ginny Wren has such a BIG sister to look up to!!!

blackbird said...


dlgowan said...

Oh my gosh. Love the post-nap pep talk. She is the sweetest!