Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Bouncy castles. Winterludes.

Other things we have been doing! Mailed some Christmas cards.

Dinovember slid into December.

Eleanor spent a literal solid hour decorating and re-decorating her dinosaur tree.

Geneva you have a drinking problem.

The Elf on the Shelf is out and about, and Geneva LOVES HIM and is always trying to feed him bits of her lunch. Nummmnumnumnum!

Oooh! There was a free bouncy castle day at the mall, they had like six of them set up in what used to be the Target (and then, briefly, the Halloween Store). Geneva has gotten to the telling-you-stories-about-things stage, and she's always bringing up this cow that was wandering around the castles, giving out pencils.

And then she'll give herself a high-five and go 'SIVE!'

And then, Huggggggg.

And then, Houm! Because the cow eventually went to her home and both girls were like DEEPLY sad about this. But then Geneva will say 'Dassle!' By which she means 'castle,' and then she will bob a little bit and go 'bowse, bowse' and whenever we are talking unrelatedly about like princess castles or whatever she's like, BOWSE! Because she thinks all castles are for bouncing.

So that was just like an extremely Saskatoony thing that happened. ANOTHER SASKATOONY THING was the Winterlude Festival. Remember the theater troupe that put on Hercules in the park last summer? They put on a musical version of that seminal Canadian classic, The Hockey Sweater. Both the girls got to be extras. Look at those leetle Maurice Richards!

Also there was free hot chocolate.

Geneva, you hamball.

I don't wanna eat your orange.

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